300 x 100 cm Double Slab Oak Dining Table
  • 300 x 100 cm Double Slab Oak Dining Table

    If you love nice wide slabs of oak, and you would like something that feels as close to the tree trunk as you’re going to get, then this is the table for you.
    We have used a really quite stunning selection of oak here. A beautiful double slab oak dining table with powder coated black metal spider base. 
    This is a particular table is 40 mm solid oak, and is made up of 2 wide slabs of oak.
    This table will seat up to 14 people comfortably. There’s nothing worse than being sat at the dining table and your knees are knocking against the table legs. You won’t have that problem with this table because of the shape of the spider legs. They angle away from the knee and will not interfere with your feet space, so you can sit back and enjoy! 
    The dimensions: 
    300 cm x 103 cm widest point/ 85 cm narrowest point
    Height: 73 cm

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